Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Summer Events in the Meadows

Local people have been asking me about the duration and times of events in the Meadows this year. so here goes with some details.
  1. Evans Fun Fair: 10-20th August with 2 days either side for set up and derigging. Operation 13:00 - 23:00
  2. Underbelly Circus Hub: Through to 27th August with derigging thereafter.  Last show ends midnight.
  3. Woodland Tribe (near the Pavilion): 11-16th August.  Derig 17th.
  4. Learning Disability Week: 18th August only
  5. Edinburgh Festival of Chariots:  21st August only
  6. RBS Screen Machine Cinema for Sick Kids Hospital: 1-4th September
  7. Annual Freshers Fair: 13th September
  8. Annual Army Reserves: 28-29th September
Note:  Amended 090817 to correct opening hours of No 1. (Fun Fair).

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