Wednesday, 29 November 2017

More on that weedkiller update

I know many readers have been particularly interested in my posts about the use, or in Edinburgh's case the non use, of weedkiller on the streets  Posts here and here and, earlier today, here.

Now, here is a comment on the situation from prominent environmental campaigner Mark Lynas.  Mark has had a bit of a conversion experience on some Green issues, for example he now apologises for destroying GM crops and his longstanding opposition to them.

He is appalled by the mob rule of the activists who very nearly won the weedkiller battle as they engineered a witch hunt against the company which makes glysophate, the weedkiller in question.  If you are interested in the issue of weeds on our streets or the evidence in the policy debate his comment article (link again here) is a must read.  I think it will shock you at how public policy has been subverted by the pseudo science of Green pressure groups.

And here in Edinburgh, swept along by the witch hunt of an international pressure group, the Council have all but banned the weedkiller and are looking for alternatives which will be more expensive.  That will have contributed to a bad year for weeds on the streets of Edinburgh.

Amended 1630 291117 to correct link to comment by Mark Lynas.

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