Thursday, 21 December 2017

Local Police update

From time to time I get updates from the local police.  I include below a paragraph indicating some work the police have been doing in relation to antisocial behaviour at, and around, the Skelf Bike Park - plus some work related to pedal bike thefts.
"Ward officers have carried out patrols across the ward area including Dumbiedykes, Carnegie Court and Haddons Court. These proactive patrols resulted in the charging of two youths for possession of a drug and seizure of pedal bikes suspected to be stolen.  They have also been conducting additional patrols in Brown Street and Skelf bike-park in response to antisocial behaviour connected to a group of 14 year old youths.  They have identified and charged a number of individuals with offences relating to vandalism and theft pedal cycle and through enquiry identified members of this group to be responsible for a robbery. They have been working closely with the school link officer at James Gillespie to identify intervention strategies for this group."

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