Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Garden Waste collections

Many will be aware that the SNP/Labour Administration instructed on the 22nd February that a charge of £25 will be made for the collection of Garden Waste.

Currently the details of how this will work and when it will start have not been worked out/published - though there is some information on the Council website.

But I know from constituents who have contacted me recently, that the current service sometimes fails.  If your garden waste is not collected  (before or after the charging regime starts), and you don't get a prompt response after phoning or emailing the problem to the Council do contact me and I will make direct contact with the Waste Manager.  And if you are not in the Southside/Newington ward, you should contact your own local councillor.

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Alastair said...

I'm curious about the economics of this. Is the charge designed to cover the increased frequency? Personally, I find the three-weekly collection more than adequate...

However it's the economics I'm interested in. At present, as I understand it, the council sells the garden waste for commercial composting. Does this cover the current cost of collection? If not, is that what the new charge is designed to cover (the shortfall)?

If I choose not to register, but instead bag up the garden waste and put it in the communal wheelie bins on the street, the council will lose whatever revenue they do get from selling it, plus they will need to pay a landfill charge.

Or am I missing something?

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