Friday, 27 December 2019

Recycling your christmas tree

Here are the plans for collecting Christmas trees to ensure they are recucled:
Waste teams will collect Christmas trees for recycling on designated days. Residents are advised to look up their street on our Christmas tree recycling collections page to find out when, where and how to leave their tree out for collection.
Streets without garden waste collections will have their trees picked up between 7 and 10 January 2020 - trees should be put out on the pavement (without blocking access) by 6am on 7 January and they will be picked up by 10 January.
Christmas trees will be collected in streets that have a garden waste collection between 13 and 31 January 2020. Trees should be cut up, base removed, and put in the brown bin for collection by 6am on the street’s designated collection day.
Residents can take their tree for recycling at any of the three Household Waste Recycling Centres.  A reminder of locations and opening times was posted yesterday.

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